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Who called you from 08000136673 ?

Phone number has negative rating
+44 800 013 6673
Phone number has negative rating
This phone number is marked as Call centre (4x), Silent call (3x), Nuisance call (3x), Unsolicited call (2x). Phone number should be toll free. Does this number remind You something? You have become a victim of harassment? Or is this a purely private phone number? Pass Your experience to the other users. Write to us (it is not necessary to state Your real name) and the other users will appreciate it. We would appreciate if You share Your experience.

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Phone number ratings 08000136673

This phone number has 16 reviews with average rating "negative (1)".
negative rating

Frank - o2 or phone companys

Don't answer unless you really really want to talk to them about your phone. It's irritating and they seem to call about 40 times a week
negative rating

MikeOne - LBM marketing

Hmm, this number is used by the LBM Intelligent Contact - this company works as a Call centre of a general use, mostly for big mobile players (O2, Orange, Vodafone, Sky). In most cases they are a legitimate callers, but many users just reported them as an unsolicited call. Their homepage is here :, and check their behavior described here :
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Possible formats of the 08000136673

+44 800 013 6673, 00448000136673, 0800 013 6673, +448000136673, tel:+44-800-013-6673, 080 0013 6673, 0800 0136 673, 08000 136 673, 0800 0 136 673, (800) 013-6673

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