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Who called you from 02036953470 ?

+44 20 3695 3470 fixed line United Kingdom, London

02036953470 Ratings

  • 7x negative
  • 3x neutral

02036953470 Categories

  • 7x Telemarketer
  • 2x Unsolicited call
  • 1x Nuisance call
Phone number 02036953470 has negative rating. We have 10 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 7 users marked it with negative rating and 3 users with neutral rating. Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are
  • +44 20 3695 3470
  • ,
  • 00442036953470
  • ,
  • 020 3695 3470
  • ,
  • 02036953470
  • ,
  • +442036953470
  • ,
  • tel:+44-20-3695-3470
  • ,
  • 020 3695 3470
  • ,
  • 0203 6953 470
  • ,
  • 02036 953 470
  • ,
  • 0203 6 953 470
  • ,
  • (203) 695-3470
  • ,
  • +44 2036953470
  • ,
  • 2036953470

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designer (Unsolicited call) reported by design

a company calling themselves seems like a legitimate company and service judging from the website BUT: They offer introductions and leads for potential web and seo clients. After an initial chat with a marketer, they will arrange for another team member to call later with an introduction and demo to service. The second team member is the one who 'closes the deal' and applies pressure. They will talk you through the website, and talk you through creating a free account (if you do this, I would advise signing up with email and not using your facebook or social login). I am yet to see if creating an account has any negative implications. The demo is good, showing you potential clients they have on their books and how the website works. You will also be shown the packages they offer. You will then be asked a hypothetical 'which one would you choose?'. Your answer will be used against you later when they try to arrange for a scheduled call with an account manager (the next step) and you refuse. I said I wasn't interested and was then met with ('I'm sorry, I don't understand - did you not just agree to the first package?') It went sour after that and I agreed to let them call me back after a few days for my answer. A reviews around the web suggests that it is genuine but results might not be great: I won't be using them due to their pressure approach and a gut feeling that something isn't right. Finally, I asked for the name of the person I spoke to - Edge Copeland -searching online only return results about a celebrity: I do not want to be associated with them due to their approach and other suspicions.


sorry, website and company is
26 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Mali

27 months ago

Melanie from Georgia wants to give me SEO clients (Telemarketer) reported by 1weekSEO

She called me at 10am today saying she got my details from the UK Business Forum website. Said she has SEO clients for me. Wants to show me online. I tell her to email me, no dice, nada. I tell her I am out of office and need an email, when I'm back at 11am I can take a look. Melanie said she'd call me back in an hour. Then I found these reports and alerted the UKBF forum link below
27 months ago

Spammer (Nuisance call) reported by Nannoo

This guy with BAD English calls me every couple of days asking if I do SEO services and web design. Said he'll email me details of what he wants and it never happens.....He doesn't ask or try to sell anything though? ""
28 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Eamon

Guy said he was from Atlanta, Georgia looking for web design and SEO. Wanted to introduce some of his clients from USA, Canada, UAE and UK to web companies from Ireland. When I asked him to sand me an email with some background, he said they don't correspond via email as they have a closed database.

SEO Lady

I had exactly the same call today 10am 20th August 2015
28 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Andrew

A sales call from a business to business enquiry service claiming to forward business leads to me... Despite a UK telephone number everything was priced in Dollars. Poor standard of English.
29 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Andy

W***er woman woke me up from my afternoon nap. She couldn't hardly string a sentence together. About handling new clients. Obviously a load of tosh.
29 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Tig

Claimed to have clients in the UK that would want to use my web/SEO services. Said I wouldn't have to pay a fee to find out more about these clients. Started the call with with the usual bo**ocks of, "How are you today?". Like they care how I am. I said he could email me with more info (to see if he would), but he hasn't.
29 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Will

Some foreign chap trying to sell SEO type services and assisting in getting more clients for your business, glad I rejected call


Guy said he was from Atlanta, Georgia looking for web design and SEO. Wanted to introduce some of his clients from USA, Canada, UAE and UK to web companies from Ireland. When I asked him to sand me an email with some background, he said they don't correspond via email as they have a closed database.
30 months ago

Missed call, no idea... (Unsolicited call) reported by Tony

I haven't found any ratings for this number somewhere else on internet resources, which should be a good sign... Does someone have some experience with this one? Was trying also different formats of this number, but no luck. On the other hand I am not the only one searching for this number as can be seen from different pages... Does anyone know who might be calling?


seemed to be a company asking if I wanted to do web design for business to business, sounded a bit woolly and probably got my details from a job site. Left a message but Im not advertising so dont know why they are asking !


Me too - the number doesn't seem to work anyway.


got a call from this number too. saying a client would want to do business. not sure if this is legit or what.

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