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Who called you from 02033189228 ?

+44 20 3318 9228 fixed line United Kingdom, London

02033189228 Ratings

  • 59x negative

02033189228 Categories

  • 3x Telemarketer
  • 2x Nuisance call
  • 1x Call centre
Phone number 02033189228 has negative rating. We have 59 ratings and 51 reviews for this phone number. 59 users marked it with negative rating. Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are
  • +44 20 3318 9228
  • ,
  • 00442033189228
  • ,
  • 020 3318 9228
  • ,
  • 02033189228
  • ,
  • +442033189228
  • ,
  • tel:+44-20-3318-9228
  • ,
  • 020 3318 9228
  • ,
  • 0203 3189 228
  • ,
  • 02033 189 228
  • ,
  • 0203 3 189 228
  • ,
  • (203) 318-9228
  • ,
  • +44 2033189228
  • ,
  • 2033189228

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24option rufen täglich an (Financial services) reported by callstrikeback

Vermute mal dass das wieder 24 Option sind, hatte mal was bei denen eingezahlt, dann aber Negative Kommentare gelesen, dann auszahlung beantragt die selber vollgelabert dass ich bald noch mehr Geld einzahlen will unter der vorraussetzung wollte sehen ob eine Auszahlung klappt und habe mein eingezahltes kapital zurückbekommen weil die auf noch mehr spekuliert haben, Hab die Vollidioten mit ihren eigenen Waffen geschlagen

Nuisance call reported by Phil

Hung up when I answered.

Unsolicited call reported by anon

unwanted caller

Nuisance call reported by

differnt language

Mr (Nuisance call) reported by Peter

Male knew my Christian name but I kept asking who he was and he rang off

Telemarketer reported by Robo2

Don't answer!

Financial services reported by Noneya

This comment has been removed because violated terms of use

Want to offer you a "business opportunity" - fraud!! (Scam call) reported by Marie

Scam call reported by Citra

fraud criminals

Ball breaker (Telemarketer) reported by

Scam call reported by

They want your money!

Forex scammer. Will call u forever if u answer. (Telemarketer) reported by John Schwarzenigger

Forex scammer. Will call u forever if u answer.

BLOCK AND NEVER ANSWER (Scam call) reported by Good Fiend

THis group is relentless an possibly to blame for my recent android hacking. Calls approx 2x daily probably for 18 months now. Uses other numbers from Switz or sweeden.There are possibly one or 2 more numbers i have had blocked. These calls began after my ex started using using my google account for android slot machine apps. Also to earn credits by answering surveys. I saw a page that earns her gold by answering quest ions these, i feel are preliminarl questions for ID theft. I could rave on but be wary. Scaammers are thieves and wont hesitate to use any means to get to your money. This team won't speak when i have acvidentally answered a call. I am positive, they originate from online contact and their goal is to systematically take your identity or merely fleece your credit card or savings. The Malware i got 3 days ago from a text message from one of their numbers put an 'overlay' on my banking app. If u understand what this means and could have witnessed what i was seeing as this sneaky softwarwas turning my wifi on and trying to connect to my time n time again.. Then trying Telstra air, then 3g phone data. It was turning flight mode off.AMAZING!but soo scary. It was so difficult to remove.It even tthreatenedened to change my phone password, erase my device and something else, i cant remember. Was it related to this number, i do not know.BUT if u combine all nuicance calls, scammers and hackers into one group then YES its part of the same problem. dont risk it.dont answer them...most importantly if your ex is using your google et al accounts for online fake gambling..make sure shes not using your phone number, or adress...oh and google email accounts that have your name in it? Baaaad .lol Kind regards from AUSTRALIA

Wanting to sell shares. Suspect scammer. (Financial services) reported by Kezbekistan

Have had several calls from this number. Want me to purchase shares. As I am located in Australia I suspect they are scammers.

share dealing (Telemarketer) reported by old git

Unsolicited call to try to get me dealing in online share dealing I blocked the call

Telemarketer reported by


Call centre reported by

Betrüger Betrüger

Share trading scam (Scam call) reported by David

claimed was from NASDAQ and offering financial services - was a classic 'boiler room' scam

Nuisance call reported by Robyn

keeps calling

Call centre reported by

still caling onne time in day

Telemarketer reported by

annoying call everytime
2 months ago

Financial services reported by

società che offre piattaforma di trading on line. chiamano da Londra
4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by alba

non so chi siano ma il prefisso +44 è straniero! non rispondete!
4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

4 months ago

Nuisance call reported by baba

chiamata da Londra. ..non rispondere
4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

negativo negativo
4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

Nono non va bene
4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

chiama estero frega soldi
4 months ago

Call centre reported by Sabrina

rompono in continuazione
censored 4 months ago

Telemarketer reported by io me

This comment has been removed because violated terms of use

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