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Who called you from 01213890853 ?

+44 121 389 0853 fixed line United Kingdom, Birmingham
100 % negative
50 % Telemarketer

Phone number 01213890853 has negative rating. We have 20 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 20 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 10x Telemarketer, 4x Nuisance call, 2x Call centre, 2x Unsolicited call, 1x Scam call, 1x Silent call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 121 389 0853, 00441213890853, 0121 389 0853, 01213890853, +441213890853, tel:+44-121-389-0853, 012 1389 0853, 0121 3890 853, 01213 890 853, 0121 3 890 853, (121) 389-0853, +44 1213890853, 1213890853.

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Reviews for phone number 01213890853

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1 month ago

Telemarketer/ambulance chaser (Unsolicited call) reported by 2.97.232.xx

Reading feedback on other sites this is a call centre fishing for accident victims or whatever else they're hired out to fish for. cold caller.
1 month ago

Olivia from AutoAssist (Call centre) reported by MinnieB

Regarding an accident I have not had nor been involved in - when I asked her to remove me from the records she told me "NO I won't do that! I will get someone to call you who you will listen to as you obviously won't listen to me" - the put the phone down on me - hilarious! ... How rude - perhaps she should realise she is being fed 'duff' details to make her calls with and maybe it is her who should be listening! ....
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by badski

Fed up with the amount of these calls all different numbers same crap
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by Damien

hung up when answered
4 months ago

Unsolicited call (Telemarketer) reported by MikeOne

Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 12138908xx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with accident claims, PPI, insurance marketing, but also energy savings. Just block it if not interested (I use the app from these pages, no problems). Folks did they call you with the same or something new?

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