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Who called you from 08451479802 ?

+44 845 147 9802 shared rate United Kingdom
50 % neutral

Phone number 08451479802 has positive rating. We have 2 ratings and reviews for this phone number. Single user marked it with neutral rating and single user with positive rating.

Phone number should be for shared rate. It should be cheaper than standard call. Possible phone number formats are +44 845 147 9802, 00448451479802, 0845 147 9802, 08451479802, +448451479802, tel:+44-845-147-9802, 084 5147 9802, 0845 1479 802, 08451 479 802, 0845 1 479 802, (845) 147-9802, +44 8451479802, 8451479802.

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Reviews for phone number 08451479802

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reported by Jules

I have had a call from this number recently. I was put through to a third party when she started asking all my personal details with him in the background. Something dawn after giving part of my details, when I asked to speak to a manager he stared flipping out and then hung up after saying I was rude for saying I need to call my bank.
34 months ago

Neutral reported by MikeOne

This line should belong to some company, but no remark on internet about it. Haven't found any info for this one, does anyone have some experience with this number? Be aware if this number calls, it is for a shared costs, so better not to call back. Have checked also different formats of this number, but no luck. As people do search for this number, it should be used, so be aware

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