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Who called you from 08005979843 ?

+44 800 597 9843 toll free United Kingdom
88 % negative
31 % Call centre

Phone number 08005979843 has negative rating. We have 64 ratings and 55 reviews for this phone number. 56 users marked it with negative rating, 5 users with neutral rating and 3 users with positive rating. This phone number is marked as 20x Call centre, 15x Nuisance call, 11x Telemarketer, 6x Scam call, 5x Silent call, 4x Company, 3x Unsolicited call.

Phone number should be toll free. Possible phone number formats are +44 800 597 9843, 00448005979843, 0800 597 9843, 08005979843, +448005979843, tel:+44-800-597-9843, 080 0597 9843, 0800 5979 843, 08005 979 843, 0800 5 979 843, (800) 597-9843, +44 8005979843, 8005979843.

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Reviews for phone number 08005979843

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Silent call reported by

multiple silent calls

Telemarketer reported by time waster

domestic and general

Silent call reported by Dontansa

Multiple silent calls never leave message scam me thinks
1 month ago

Fishy (Scam call) reported by 88.211.111.xx

Apparently called from SKY, asked for my name and address of which I told the chap he would know that if he was calling from sky, repeated to me an installation date which was correct and when I questioned where he was based he told me Brighton, he then told me he can tell me my Sky account number if I wanted to but didnt when questioned, ended the call with "Just checking everything is ok with the service" either an inexperienced call handler or someone who decided not to proceed with the call intention as I questioned him.
1 month ago

Call centre reported by

1 month ago

Silent call reported by Kc

Silent call, no voice
2 months ago

Call centre reported by Steph

Received a call just about sky, called me mrs, and im a miss, said it was a welcome call as we just had Sky Q and they wanted to run through the features with me.. Told them i was at work and to call my partner, they said they could only ring me number.. hmmm??
2 months ago

Silent call reported by Linz

Silent. Never spoke
2 months ago

Telemarketer reported by ricky

scam sky trying to sell insurance
3 months ago

Scam call reported by

don't answer
3 months ago

Nuisance call reported by

dont answer
3 months ago

Call centre reported by

Domestic and General Insurance
3 months ago

Silent call reported by vicky 69

hate it when they hang up...... obviously not that important
4 months ago

Unsolicited call reported by lilili

hate sales
5 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Sky marketing

Rang me, asked for my name, to which I gave it (even though my sky is not in my name) I then proceeded to give the wrong address, to which she replied "great" and she then went on to ask for my bank details, I asked her if she thought I was ****** stupid, sky isn't even in my name and I had given her a wrong address. They had orinally tried ringing me to tell me about the "great new extras I have for free" Please don't give any details!! They are obviously a scam, as I don't have sky in my name!!

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