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Who called you from 02081444726 ?

+44 20 8144 4726 fixed line United Kingdom, London
95 % negative
42 % Nuisance call

Phone number 02081444726 has negative rating. We have 19 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 18 users marked it with negative rating and single user with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 8x Nuisance call, 5x Unsolicited call, 2x Call centre, 2x Debt collector, 1x Telemarketer, 1x Silent call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 20 8144 4726, 00442081444726, 020 8144 4726, 02081444726, +442081444726, tel:+44-20-8144-4726, 020 8144 4726, 0208 1444 726, 02081 444 726, 0208 1 444 726, (208) 144-4726, +44 2081444726, 2081444726.

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Reviews for phone number 02081444726

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Unsolicited call reported by 148.252.128.xx

cold caller

Silent call reported by Xhloe

Rang me 21 times in a month then when i finally answered it just had a automated voice that said "goodbye" then it hung up...

Nuisance call reported by jacquib

constant calls from this number

Debt collector reported by RhysWW

Debt consolidation or something

Nuisance call reported by andy

don't bother to answer blocked

Nuisance call reported by vicky69

blocked due to other negative ratings

Nuisance call reported by Mar

my phone was set to block their calls, it's on a special list where there calls should not get though, I get three numbers calling, they call at night time, they call in day time but I am not picking it up as it jumps straight to answering machine, I cant take answering machine off of my mobile, it expects me to set one up, I would like the option to request answering machine to block certain calls to prevent harassment so I dont get answering machine in the middle of the night, its not like we do this to who ever is calling, why do this to us.


I also like to add, they have my name, I would like to know why they have my name, why they are allowed my name when they shouldn't have any of that at all.

Telemarketer reported by kev

pestering calls
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by code

code calling
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by gerry

nuisance calls
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by vicky69

not blocked
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Jj

Cold caller
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Skye

Received call Sat 21/117 at 1120 on mobile From Money Information Services based in "outer London", offering debt advice
1 month ago

Duke (Debt collector) reported by Scurrilous diss-monkey

More insalubrious innuendo by the no-debt collecting mummy-fanciers.
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by helsbels

nuisance caller

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