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Who called you from 02081444333 ?

+44 20 8144 4333 fixed line United Kingdom, London
100 % negative
100 % Scam call

Phone number 02081444333 has negative rating. We have single rating and review for this phone number. Single user marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 1x Scam call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 20 8144 4333, 00442081444333, 020 8144 4333, 02081444333, +442081444333, tel:+44-20-8144-4333, 020 8144 4333, 0208 1444 333, 02081 444 333, 0208 1 444 333, (208) 144-4333, +44 2081444333, 2081444333.

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Scam call reported by tricky

asian man claims to be a government official try's to obtain money from you by way of ucash vouchers in exchange for a compensation cheque for a previous car accident .

nick sully

Same asian sounding man offered cheque for £2750 on receipt of voucher number for PaySafe £275. Said his agent Eric Wilson would call to deliver said cheque.. But how does this arsehole know about a certain accident? Even doubt the number is in this country.


omg this guy called me too, acting he's from a top professional company telling me to get ukcash vouchers worth £140.00 which I did as he sounded so really then he took the pin codes and tried to use them, when that didn't go through he wanted me to do a Weston union transfer for the amount of £210.00 I knew then it was a scram I got my money back and called the police!! Fucker!

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