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+44 20 3837 8965 fixed line United Kingdom, London
94 % negative
36 % Nuisance call

Phone number 02038378965 has negative rating. We have 86 ratings and 85 reviews for this phone number. 81 users marked it with negative rating, 4 users with neutral rating and single user with positive rating. This phone number is marked as 31x Nuisance call, 21x Unsolicited call, 19x Non-profit Organization, 9x Telemarketer, 6x Call centre.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 20 3837 8965, 00442038378965, 020 3837 8965, 02038378965, +442038378965, tel:+44-20-3837-8965, 020 3837 8965, 0203 8378 965, 02038 378 965, 0203 8 378 965, (203) 837-8965, +44 2038378965, 2038378965.

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Telemarketer reported by fluffynubby

persistent caller charity

UNICEF (Call centre) reported by 86.12.61.xx

These lot rang up my child's mobile asking for a donation. He is 11 what do they want his pocket money. More to the point where did he get his name and number

Unsolicited call reported by Cheds

Charity calling

Nuisance call reported by Julie

I donated £3 to UNICEF now I keep getting calls even though my number is registered with TPS. I must have missed the small print on screen saying my number would be used to pester me for more money. I have had to block the number. Unfortunately I won't be donating to charity again when it involves passing on any of my details at all.

Nuisance call reported by Fanakapans

Why!!!! OH WHY!!!!! would this caller/callers keep harassing me???? I am an OAP what possible use could them calling me be to me? I don't harass them or anyone so why do they have to believe they have the right to harass me?????? PLEASE STOP. Thank you.

Non-profit Organization reported by likelife

very persistent

Nuisance call reported by Gee

11 calls in less than two weeks just because I donated once to UNICEF. Won't be making that mistake again. I live on state pension so I don't have much to spare so I will be more choosy who I donate to!! No wonder they need money if that's how they waste it!!

Non-profit Organization reported by unicef

unicef...called me over 10 times...
1 month ago

Unicef (Non-profit Organization) reported by Giuseppe Insolda

I received 2 calls from the call center. First time I missed the call (11:07 am), in the second the representative want to ask me some question, for a report. He doesn't ask me money, but I stopped the call in 1 minute because I was busy (01:44 pm). I donate on December for Aleppo, why they call me when it's possible to send me an email? Which money Unicef uses to pay the call center? I think in December I make the last donation for Unicef. They called me last Tuesday (today it's Friday) and other 2 times last week.. This comment will be used to a complaint with Unicef.

Geof Luton

It is easy to stop the calls - ring 03330110023 and follow couple of prompts
1 month ago

Non-profit Organization reported by cazza

I make a monthly donation but they still ask for more, if they don't get through when calling they send txt.
1 month ago

Non-profit Organization reported by M Taylor

This is UNICEF. If you have made a donation, especially via phone or text, most charities will give you a follow up call, usually asking for another donation, or for you to do a direct debit. These are not nuisance calls, this is what charities do, try to get people to donate money to their cause. Y'know... it's what they do. I find it annoying, not that they continue to call me but that some of the people commenting here do not understand that the problem hasn't been magically solved by their donating 3 quid. Get a grip folks, if you don't want another 'nuisance' call from them just block the number on your phone. I understand people getting irate by continually being pestered by people trying to sell them something but this is different. You have shown your support in the past so naturally they're going to ask you if you can help again or on a regular basis. If you don't want them to you can politely ask them not to, or block the number. Please don't let it put you off contributing to charity because if this approach didn't work for charities they wouldn't bother doing it.


good comment!


Rubbish they reply by text when you donate inviting you to give more or starting a direct debit. If people want to give more they will at that point. Anymore than that is a nuisance call. I am a night worker and keep getting woken up. Shame we can't make a donation without being pestered afterwards. From now on it will be collection boxes and charity shops only. Such a shame.
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by Oz

Total nuisance
1 month ago

Non-profit Organization reported by Abcdefgh

Arches the number for UNICEF.

Mr D Butler

Donated £3 for a blanket to UNICEF,bombarded with calls even on Sundays.l will not support UNICEF again Not even sure my donation went to the children.
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by random

not want, really not want
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Plannerman

2 calls received but phone did not ring. No message left - just came up as a missed call.

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