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Who called you from 01944532965 ?

+44 1944 532965 fixed line United Kingdom, West Heslerton
97 % negative
41 % Telemarketer

Phone number 01944532965 has negative rating. We have 29 ratings and 27 reviews for this phone number. 28 users marked it with negative rating and single user with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 12x Telemarketer, 6x Nuisance call, 5x Unsolicited call, 3x Call centre, 2x Financial services.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 1944 532965, 00441944532965, 01944 532965, 01944532965, +441944532965, tel:+44-1944-532965, 019 4453 2965, 0194 4532 965, 01944 532 965, 0194 4 532 965, (194) 453-2965, +44 1944532965, 1944532965.

Reviews for phone number 01944532965

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Telemarketer reported by ooo

ambulance chaser

Unsolicited call reported by don

life insurance policy

Nuisance call reported by

Life insurance

Nuisance call reported by Tony

Some insurance company, told them 3 times I didn't want their services but the bloke wouldn't take the hint and kept talking. Cut him off in the end.

Liars (Unsolicited call) reported by will

This company call and ask for a name ,just a random name ,when you say they have the wrong number they apologise and then start with the pitch, its all a con . they are clearly calling random numbers and pretending otherwise

Telemarketer reported by Peabea5772

No response when I answer. Now blocked

Telemarketer reported by Robert

I wish these people would leave me alone.

Nuisance call reported by vicky69

blocked due to several negative reviews... god i love this app

Telemarketer reported by Lynn.

I don't answer numbers I don't know.

Telemarketer reported by jb51

Another one bites the dust.....

Telemarketer reported by

didn't answer, they didn't leave a message ..not important

Telemarketer reported by coodun

didn't answer so not sure who it was

Telemarketer reported by ajdbzu

hangs up when answers

Telemarketer reported by lizjevans81

called we compare it apparently... i*iots...

Telemarketer reported by Telesales

Life insurance telesales

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