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Who called you from 01618720999 ?

+44 161 872 0999 fixed line United Kingdom, Manchester

01618720999 Ratings

  • 8x negative

01618720999 Categories

  • 2x Financial services
  • 2x Call centre
  • 2x Nuisance call
  • 1x Silent call
  • 1x Telemarketer
Phone number 01618720999 has negative rating. We have 8 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 8 users marked it with negative rating. Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are
  • +44 161 872 0999
  • ,
  • 00441618720999
  • ,
  • 0161 872 0999
  • ,
  • 01618720999
  • ,
  • +441618720999
  • ,
  • tel:+44-161-872-0999
  • ,
  • 016 1872 0999
  • ,
  • 0161 8720 999
  • ,
  • 01618 720 999
  • ,
  • 0161 8 720 999
  • ,
  • (161) 872-0999
  • ,
  • +44 1618720999
  • ,
  • 1618720999

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Nuisance call reported by Jan

Calling everday real nuisance BLOCKED
9 months ago

Nuisance call reported by jal

do not answer another mithering company who know nothing
9 months ago

Call centre reported by debt

unsecured debt
9 months ago

Financial services reported by ron

called about credit cards /loans. Told her no thanks and hung up.
9 months ago

Call centre reported by wizzman

dont answer
9 months ago

Telemarketer reported by stevel2231

regarding debt
9 months ago

Silent call reported by DANNY BLUE

Nuisance call
9 months ago

Financial services reported by Bazz

Unsecured debt scammer

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