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Who called you from 01618149201 ?

+44 161 814 9201 fixed line United Kingdom, Manchester
92 % negative
38 % Nuisance call

Phone number 01618149201 has negative rating. We have 26 ratings and 23 reviews for this phone number. 24 users marked it with negative rating and 2 users with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 10x Nuisance call, 4x Unsolicited call, 3x Silent call, 3x Call centre, 2x Telemarketer, 2x Financial services, 1x Other, 1x Scam call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 161 814 9201, 00441618149201, 0161 814 9201, 01618149201, +441618149201, tel:+44-161-814-9201, 016 1814 9201, 0161 8149 201, 01618 149 201, 0161 8 149 201, (161) 814-9201, +44 1618149201, 1618149201.

Reviews for phone number 01618149201

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Ben Sharp (Silent call) reported by Ben Sharp

Received a call from this number and when I answered no one said anything.

Scam call reported by Debbie D

Said they were reviewing my life policy. I said "what life policy" Seemed very dodgy and may be trying to phish for info

Unsolicited call reported by Vince1

unwanted life insurance pushy

Call centre reported by Fred

unwanted call

Call centre (on behalf of insurance providers (Call centre) reported by

Called to make me aware of application process to avoid inheritance tax on valid policies. Asked to go through the application over the phone. Was not comfortable sharing this information with this company before checking the claim so ended the call and made my own investigations into the mentioned policies and claims available.

Silent call reported by Soggy Bottom

Won't say who they are....


Bloody i*iots - accident scammers

Nuisance call reported by jg

blocked by app

Call centre reported by bobbuilder

ics accident claims pain in the but.

Nuisance call reported by Disco Dave.

blocked due to reviews on here.

Nuisance call reported by annoying

Didn't pick up on strength of other reports

accident expert ??? (Unsolicited call) reported by anne gree

satan's minions ...if i knew where their office was i'd......nnnrrrrg!

Nuisance call reported by highmick

bad reviews

Car Accident claim chasers (Nuisance call) reported by Andy

Confident British male calling about my details being on their database of car accident claims. "Go no further says I! You are cold calling me using a database purchased from a dubious harvester of such information." He denies 'cold calling' since I am on his database.. Conversation is going nowhere and its a poor line from a busy call centre. He remains polite and I'm confident he'll now move on to get someone else to fraudulently submit a whiplash claim..

Unsolicited call reported by Pauline

Had a quite impressive bul*it call from this number. Quoted an address (my childhood address) and said that I was due a payment that was outstanding to me from when I lived at said address for car repairs. Really vague and difficult to follow and cut through the bul*hit. In the end I asked them straight up whether they were asking me whether I had been in an accident whilst living at that address and they said yes.

Nuisance call reported by 220.240.251.xx

ppi caller

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