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Who called you from 01618149124 ?

+44 161 814 9124 fixed line United Kingdom, Manchester
99 % negative
33 % Silent call

Phone number 01618149124 has negative rating. We have 119 ratings and 117 reviews for this phone number. 118 users marked it with negative rating and single user with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 39x Silent call, 28x Nuisance call, 20x Unsolicited call, 14x Telemarketer, 9x Call centre, 6x Financial services, 3x Scam call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 161 814 9124, 00441618149124, 0161 814 9124, 01618149124, +441618149124, tel:+44-161-814-9124, 016 1814 9124, 0161 8149 124, 01618 149 124, 0161 8 149 124, (161) 814-9124, +44 1618149124, 1618149124.

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Reviews for phone number 01618149124

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Nuisance call reported by Phil

Consumer Justice Group I am reg with TPS still get calls

Nuisance call reported by 92.27.143.xx

ppi refund

Call centre reported by holly

nuisance call

Telemarketer reported by

refuse to answer reviews are negative

Unsolicited call reported by

something about package bank refund

Unsolicited call reported by 149.254.235.xx

ppi and bank charges

Mr (Silent call) reported by Jimbob

Called twice I picked up they hung up straight away- called them some man breathed and then hung up
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by James

PPI call, safe to block
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Sahib

2nd unsolicited call in two days which I left unanswered.
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Licklebunny

2nd time in 2 weeks I've had this call- always in the mornings. I don't bother to answer because I know its its going to be one of these sort of calls
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by gillc

call about PPI
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by pag26

ppi selling.
1 month ago

Silent call reported by Allan

Annoying people
1 month ago

Call centre reported by rockdoc

this number calls my mobile twice a day,i will not answer any numbers that I don't recognise
1 month ago

Consumer Justice (Financial services) reported by Hazel

They said it was about PPI.

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