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Who called you from 01482359357 ?

+44 1482 359357 fixed line United Kingdom, Hull
97 % negative
38 % Telemarketer

Phone number 01482359357 has negative rating. We have 32 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 31 users marked it with negative rating and single user with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 12x Telemarketer, 11x Nuisance call, 4x Call centre, 2x Unsolicited call, 2x Financial services, 1x Silent call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 1482 359357, 00441482359357, 01482 359357, 01482359357, +441482359357, tel:+44-1482-359357, 014 8235 9357, 0148 2359 357, 01482 359 357, 0148 2 359 357, (148) 235-9357, +44 1482359357, 1482359357.

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Reviews for phone number 01482359357

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Telemarketer reported by gd

answer once then they phone constantly. don't answer!!!

Nuisance call reported by rogthedodge

Had several calls from these pests and just block them and they just use new ones....shows how stupid they are.

Call centre reported by andy c

unwanted insurance call

Telemarketer reported by mand

not interested
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by stormtoten

Others have identified this as a nuisance caller who uses a slightly different number when one is blocked
1 month ago

01482 359357 Hull, England (Nuisance call) reported by Ginblott

PPI. They must have hundreds of lines as I keep blocking them & telling them to take me off their system but then they just ring me from another similar number. 100% nuisance call.
1 month ago

Call centre reported by Sue

More PPI * lol
2 months ago

Nuisance call reported by 82.132.246.xx

hangs up when you answer.
2 months ago

Telemarketer reported by mand

not interested
2 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

ppi callers
3 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Plastic Pig

Receive at least one call per day on the range 01482 359 351 - 358
3 months ago

Silent call reported by Bagsy

Get frequent calls on my work phone from a series of 01482 numbers ; the latest being 01482 359357. Each time they are silent (when I opt to pick up) & have put a number of them now on auto reject. Major NUISANCE.
3 months ago

Telemarketer reported by JB101

Inane ppi call monkeys
3 months ago

Telemarketer reported by GD

Still pee pee eyeing
4 months ago

Call centre reported by ct

ppi company

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