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Who called you from 01482359353 ?

+44 1482 359353 fixed line United Kingdom, Hull
100 % negative
45 % Nuisance call

Phone number 01482359353 has negative rating. We have 33 ratings and 32 reviews for this phone number. 33 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 15x Nuisance call, 5x Call centre, 5x Telemarketer, 4x Unsolicited call, 3x Silent call, 1x Scam call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 1482 359353, 00441482359353, 01482 359353, 01482359353, +441482359353, tel:+44-1482-359353, 014 8235 9353, 0148 2359 353, 01482 359 353, 0148 2 359 353, (148) 235-9353, +44 1482359353, 1482359353.

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Reviews for phone number 01482359353

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Nuisance call reported by 94.197.120.xx

Just don't leave you alone

Telemarketer reported by andyc

ppi rubbish. ignore!

Nuisance call reported by

unknown caller

Nuisance call reported by telboy

nuisance call

Nuisance call reported by lynellie

Had several calls off this number on landline also and they refuse to take your name off their call list.

Nuisance call reported by

Complete pain. Getting calls when working abroad also. What can be done to stop these calls !!!
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by mand

ppi constantly calling same company have about 5 different numbers
2 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Morris

This number is a pain
2 months ago

Unsolicited call reported by jint

pesters me constantly i blank as i dont know anyone from this area code
3 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Jenny S

Very rude man, who called me sir, I am a lady. Was aggressive when I pointed this out and that he had telephoned an out of hours emergency contact number!!
3 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

ppi rubbish
5 months ago

Nuisance call reported by jimjam

The only way to stop these irritating nuisance calls I think is if there was a link via this app starting a massive petition so that the government have to act. let's get rid of them once and for all.

Sonia Cox

Keeps calling same time - no reply
5 months ago

Call centre reported by Grumpy2

These people should get a real job and stop harassing others. Numbers start from - 01482359340 to 01482359360 They have been annoying me for months, block one number and the next one starts and so on.
6 months ago

Telemarketer reported by Sol

ppi claim same company different number
6 months ago

Nuisance call reported by zora

something seriously needs to be done with this company that constantly harassing people everyday. it's so frustrating, the law do nothing to protect us from these nuisance calls.

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