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Who called you from 01482359352 ?

+44 1482 359352 fixed line United Kingdom, Hull
100 % negative
53 % Nuisance call

Phone number 01482359352 has negative rating. We have 38 ratings and 37 reviews for this phone number. 38 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 20x Nuisance call, 9x Unsolicited call, 5x Call centre, 2x Telemarketer, 1x Financial services, 1x Silent call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +44 1482 359352, 00441482359352, 01482 359352, 01482359352, +441482359352, tel:+44-1482-359352, 014 8235 9352, 0148 2359 352, 01482 359 352, 0148 2 359 352, (148) 235-9352, +44 1482359352, 1482359352.

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Reviews for phone number 01482359352

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Call centre reported by woz

ppi claims
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by not_again

Annoyingly persistent
1 month ago

Next Step (Unsolicited call) reported by John

Really annoying . they have called 3 times in the last week.
2 months ago

Next Step Money (Unsolicited call) reported by Fiona Moore

Missed call showed on my mobile. Called them back to find they were calling themselves Next Step Money and were a PPI claim company ????
2 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Rhosonc

Answered but silence
2 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Dmbalf

Blocked classed as nuisance from previous members
2 months ago

Call centre reported by Karney

answered went silent and when I didn't speak they hung up.
2 months ago

Some skank (Nuisance call) reported by Deez Nuts

I think they want deez nuts on their chin
3 months ago

Telemarketer reported by

p p I callers
3 months ago

Call centre reported by David

Call centre in Hull has called me repeatedly for financial services - they claim that they have a recent financial relationship with me but it is not true. I have asked to be removed from their call list but still receive calls two or three times a week.
4 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Taz

Blocked with call blocker....peace and quiet returns to my circle
4 months ago

Nuisance call reported by coldcall

person not known who they are asking for
4 months ago

Unsolicited call reported by tess

waist of time
4 months ago

Nuisance call reported by Teddy

nuisance call
5 months ago

Nuisance call reported by just a frustrating company that needs investigation

they keep on changeing a didget and carry on pestering since November last year bad news

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